Reverse Seared Picanha Steak Finished Dirty


For this Picanha Steak I used Marcus Bawdon from Country Wood Smoke’s Mocha Rub which can be found here:

But you can use whatever you like! A great place to buy rubs is they sell all of the Championship winning rubs from the United Stated here in the UK so go on & check them out!

Rub up the steak to get a nice coverage approx. 10-15mins before smoking & do this straight from the fridge. Don’t worry about letting the steak come up to room temperature – it will remain within the ‘smoke zone’ for longer if you put it in cold from the fridge & therefore take on a better smokey flavour.

Set up your smoker for an indirect cook & you want it at 225F.

For this recipe I used a mix of Cherry & Silver Birch – just one chunk of each.

Once the smoker is up to temperature get the Picanha on!
It will take approx 60 minutes in the smoker at 225F to reach an internal temperature of 135F
Once the steak has reached an internal temperature of 135F bring it off the smoker, double wrap with foil & leave in a warm place to rest. This can rest for between 30-60 minutes.

When you are ready to serve finish directly onto the LUMPWOOD charcoal for approx 2-3 minutes per side for a lovely charred & caramelised finish.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the Dirty Finish – then just ramp up the temperature & put the stake on a Grill Grate directly over the charcoal for a similar but not so dirty finish.

Serve immediately, sliced thinly across the grain.

This is delicious with my Smoked Chimichurri recipe.

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